©Patrick Donahue/Super Duper Photographic

New York's favorite news anchor (and LIVE! with Kelly guest-host) Pat Kiernan took to the Bell House stage last night for a night of 90s themed trivia—he's been hosting these always sold-out trivia nights for months now, and you can expect more 90s nights in the future. Kiernan had joined forces with sponsor TrivWorks in three previous events—one of them benefiting VH1's Save The Music campaign—before an audience poll selected the evening's 90s theme. For his grand entrance last night, he sauntered in to the tune of his favorite 90's hit, "I Want It That Way," dressed in casual attire and adorned with his very own Britney Spears mic.

Nearly 300 competitors crowded in to take on Kiernan's challenge for 90s dominance but only one team left victorious—"A Tribe Called Queens" won in a sudden death matchup by correctly identifying the movie where Shaquille O'Neal played a genie. Surprisingly, that was one of the easiest questions of the night! Seriously, if you weren't completely coherent in the 90s—say, heavily under the influence of grunge—this trivia will leave you in the dust. Competitors get two minutes to complete each round—we collected a few questions so you could test your mettle against Pat's pernicious polls. TWO MINUTES ON THE CLOCK, GO! (And no cheating... Father Canada is watching.):

  • What is the briefcase combination in the film Pulp Fiction?
  • In the famous attack on ice skater Nancy Kerrigan, orchestrated by Tanya Harding, what was the name of Tanya's husband who carried out the beating?
  • What is Cuba Gooding, Jr.'s preferred method of drying off in the locker room in Jerry Maguire?
  • What is the last rule of Fight Club?
  • What 1997 Elton John single has since become the highest selling single of all time?
  • Bob Dylan's Grammy performance was interrupted by a backup singer who had these two words inked on his chest.
  • Despite being marketed in the Fred Savage movie The Wizard, what wearable Nintendo device was the least successful video game innovation to date?
  • In 1993 Bill Clinton got in hot water tying up air traffic at LAX to receive a trim from what famous hair stylist?
  • What is the only movie in which Arnold Schwarzenegger fights himself?
  • What was the first movie derived from an SNL sketch to have a PG rating?
  • On which late night TV show did Bill Clinton famously play the saxophone?
  • What was the title of the hidden track on Alanis Morisette's album Jagged Little Pill?
  • What popular exercise ski machine went out of style and out of business in the late 90s?

We'll update later with answers, and until then, you can always check your score via The Google Machine. Think you can take home the prize against other 90's nerds? The next Pat Kiernan Ultimate 90s Pop Culture Trivia (sponsored by TrivWorks) will be on Tuesday, June 26th, at the Bell House.