The success of the Floating East River Pool crowdfunded efforts has spawned a complementary campaign: A floating "City Beach" in the Hudson River.

Real estate developer Blayne Ross hopes to raise $35,000 to get started on an operational plan, like getting more information from architects, figuring out the permitting, start some structural engineering, noting, "It's about getting all the ducks in a row." Ross is currently working on project in the Hamptons, and he enjoys the beaches there, "But it takes three hours to get there." City Beach, on the other hand, could be just 15 minutes away for many New Yorkers seeking a place for solace and sand.

Ross says the goal is to make the floating beach—which would be tethered to a pier—free to the public, while supporting it by charging for amenities, like towels and lounge chairs, and concessions. There would be three restaurants (run by an experienced restaurateur/restaurant group). And the "potato chip" shape of the beach mimics the feel of a dune, giving sunbathers a chance to take in the sights and hear the waterfalls around the sides.

There are a few other phases of the project after this one—one involving 3D modeling; design development and engineering; permit applications and community outreach—before even getting to buying a barge ($1.5 million) and building it (which would reach $24 million).

Ross likened the Indiegogo crowdfunding to "a community experiment" and drew inspiration from urban renewal projects; for instance, he said, "The guys who started The High Line had no idea" how it would take off. He said, "The biggest thing" about this crowdfunding campaign is that it's "about the public getting behind it and people voting with dollars."

Here's the pitch video: