myfine.jpgIt seems like some near-Chinatown Brooklyn residents want to outlaw chicken markets in the neighborhood. Gothamist is suspicious of Andrew Weiss, who, according to the Times, is spearheading an effort to force the businesses out:

"I came out of my apartment the other day," said Mr. Weiss, a finance worker who moved near Sing Wah Live Poultry on Sackett Street two years ago, "and a chicken was hiding under my car.''

Late last year, Mr. Weiss began collecting signatures on a petition - he says he has more than 200 names so far - asking the city to remove the markets, even though they were grandfathered in under the current zoning laws and cannot be legally forced to move.

Why are we suspicious? Because he moved in there two years ago, he's a newbie, he knew the chicken markets were there. Weiss represents the worse kind of gentrifciation. (What is it about people with last names that begin with "Weis-" these days?)

Gothamist recommends Andrew Weiss read the wonderful book, My Fine Feathered Friend by Times food critic William Grimes about his friendship with a chicken that wandered into his Queens backyard.