Kirstie Alley

From the "No-Brainers" department, Pier 1 is finally sacking Kirstie Alley as its spokesperson for one of the hottest queers these days, Queer Eye for Straight Guy design fag, Thom Filicia. While the jury is still on whether this is a good career move (money aside) for Thom, this is a great move for Pier 1 - they will finally have a spokesperson who doesn't seem blitzed on something. AdAge also has this great quote from a retail analyst about Pier One's prospects earlier this fall: "We continue to remain concerned with the company's decision to use Kirstie Alley for the crucial holiday season promotion, as we believe customers might perceive the campaign as stale."

Thom Filicia

The website for Thom Filicia Inc. is not finished yet, but so far, it looks like it'll have the crisp, modern sensibility he's been injecting into the homes he designs. Plus it does have his phone number and email. And last week's Queer Eye was so good ("Queer Eye Blues" etc.); tomorrow, the QE5 battle a toupee with a man attached.