Photo via SeanieDawg's Flickr

The New York State Pavilion, once the centerpiece of the 1964 World's Fair, was landmarked by the state (not the city) in 2009, but it's two years later and the thing is still falling apart. Could President Obama be coming to the rescue? According to the Daily News, his top advisers are pushing to rescue not just one, but two Queens landmarks—the other being the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills (the stadium that has a history of hosting the U.S. Open.).

Milford Wayne Donaldson and Clement Price, of the Federal Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, addressed the Pavilion, saying, "It brought such stature to Queens and to New York before New York became the Big Apple. I would very much be in favor of preserving that site."

The council has vowed to "push the National Trust for Historic Preservation to put both sites on a list of the country's 11 most endangered historic places," but Donaldson noted that "local champions" would be needed to help with the task of preserving the sites. So if you have a plan, now is the time to share with the class. While we wait, here's footage of the West Side Tennis Club... soundtracked by James Taylor: