The Mindy Project, which brought us one of the most unrealistic subway cars (and apartments) to date, has been canceled by Fox. It could be saved by Hulu, however, according to The Hollywood Reporter—Universal Television is “now in talks with Hulu for a multiple-season renewal." Which is one more good show that could move off-network and on to a streaming platform.

At least... the show used to be good. The pilot was a perfect 22-minute rom com, with creator Mindy Kaling's voice and direction promising to keep it off-course from the typical Hollywood ending. The problem is that she went there, and too fast.

Last season, its third, Kaling's character (also named Mindy) landed the man of her dreams and promptly became pregnant. Kaling argues that, “I do think there’s more to tell, and I think fans would be disappointed not to see more adventures with these characters.” But as we all know, life ends after children. We want to be back in the club making awkward moves and bad decisions with her, not following her around to daycare facilities.

Still, a Hulu save could be a good thing, as the A.V. Club points out that the show "has been creatively uneven but inspired." If this doesn't work out, however, we'd settle for an Adam Pally spin-off.

Meanwhile, Kaling is deep in the Montana mountains:

Hey guys, I'm in Montana, is anything happening in LA? #themindyproject

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