Photo courtesy of Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has a new racy billboard on Houston Street, but according to Stylelist, the company has censored their own campaign this time around. So prudes, just don't aim your smartphone in its direction and you'll remain pure.

Here's the deal: "Using QR technology, Calvin Klein's billboards in New York City (on Houston and Lafayette streets as well as West 20th Street and Tenth Avenue) feature red and white ads containing codes that can be read with one's cell phone to unlock the racy content, which, in this case, is a 40-second, uncensored commercial featuring model Lara Stone and a quartet of male models." You heard right, free porn on Houston and West 20th Streets! Not that that's really a new thing.

Still, get there before tomorrow if you're curious... the billboards will come down on the 15th. And don't forget to share with us @Gothamist (you can share via Twitter once unlocked). [via Racked]