2006_05_nypostcover.gifIf there is one good thing about the paparazzi, it might be their rabid attempts to document the life of Britney Spears. Because that's what might save little Sean Preston Federline. After two photographed of incidents of baby-in-car negligence, plus reports that California child welfare workers went to her house to check up on her (after a helper dropped the baby on the head or something close to that), the NY Post plasters a picture of Britney and a near-falling Sean Preston on the cover and details a terrible series of events:

The baby-bobbling bungle began at about 6 p.m., as the "Not That Innocent" pop tart left the Ritz-Carlton Hotel on Central Park South, holding her kid, Sean Preston, and what witnesses said was a tumbler of water and ice.

While heading to a car, her long pants appeared to get tangled in her open-toed shoes (inset, far left) just as she stepped past a pothole, witnesses said.

Then - oops! - Britney started to tumble. Sean Preston's head whipped back in what a witness called a "violent manner," his chubby arm swung up and his little hat went flying off.

A bodyguard caught the baby, while Britney's drink was safe, the Post adds. Man, can't she get a Hotsling or something? She'll still be able to hold her drink! We bet those paparazzi photo agencies are making sure their photographs are getting trained in infant CPR and carrying first aid kits with their cameras.