Cake Shop survived its brush with death last month, but the venue isn't out of the woods yet. Owners Greg Curley and Andy and Nick Bodor have created a Pledge Music page (similar to Kickstarter) to raise the necessary funds to stay open. Because you probably aren't satisfied with just helping out an independent music venue maintain its ability to procure amazing bands and give you a laid-back, nearly douchebag-free venue in the LES to enjoy them in, there are perks.

Here's why they need the money in the first place:

Some financial hurdles that all compounded over the past 3 months (including new Real Estate Tax to landlord, added security costs and changes to the forms of ID we are allowed to accept) have caused serious potential of losing our space plus the one time fines and legal fees have caused us to reach out to the fans of live bands to help us keep the music going. We want to remain open and continue to bring you phenomenal emerging talent.

There are 19 different (!) perks that increase in awesomeness with the donation—$10 gets you a mixtape curated by the owners, but the best deal has to be the $200 donation that gets you on the guest list to every show for six months. For $20K you can drink free for life.

Here's White Fence (AKA Tim Presley) performing at Cake Shop last summer. For more of our favorite Cake Shop moments, go here. So far 13% of their goal has been met with 58 days to go. While we disagree that it's one of the only reasons to go to the Lower East Side, it is certainly the last venue in Manhattan with any personality or soul. Dig deep, people.