Instead of figuring out how to turn down that television screen, why not create a moving masterpiece? Cab driver Fabio Peralta has transformed the backseat of his car into an art studio. Reportedly "when a passenger hops in, Peralta hands the rider a pen and a stack of computer paper. He tell his fares to draw anything they want." The images he gets back once the meter stops range from nature scenes to Barack Obama to, yes, x-rated doodles. He has accumulated around 7,000 and when he has enough money he binds them into booklets that he gives to his riders for long as they are willing to participate in his 30-second video skit project (so far 214 have said yes, and he hopes to edit the clips into a movie). According to the NY Post his most recent book contains 24 images. He told the paper, "Maybe one day I'll cut a deal with Barnes & Noble and have the book in there."