Today is a red letter day in the emerging field of, um, digital secret keeping date-related cool free stuff. If you're a fan of Wilco, then please, read on. If you're not, either become one like a good little music fan or skip the next paragraph.

If you throw in your copy of A Ghost Is Born and click on the enhanced material you'll be able to download the new Wilco EP starting today.

And now, the breakdown:

Tonight is a big night. You've got a lot of options. Some will require stealth movement around large men or friends in the business to access already sold out shows. Some will require quick thinking. Here they are:


Stars are playing tonight with I AM KLOOT and Apostle of Hustle @ Mercury, $21. Sold out. Put on your stealth suit, these guys are amazing.

Otherwise, there's Cat Power at Southpaw, and it wouldn't do anyone any harm to hit that show up, either.

Wednesday, Cat Power again at Southpaw, and Hot Hot Heat at the Bowery, with Louis XIV.

Thursday, Death From Above 1979 at Bowery. Please post comments on how that title came to be, because I have no idea, and no time to research it, but am mildly curious.

Friday, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Snowden, Morning Theft and The Hitchers at the awesomely named Crash Mansion. Other Snowden shows this week include an acoustic set tonight at Sidewalk Cafe (9pm) and Wednesday night at Pianos with Levy. (UPDATE: if you want to go to this show, rsvp to rsvp at and mention gothamist, and you'll get in free all night. See? We told you we love you.)

Saturday, great show, far away: The Wrens play Maxwell's. Oh Hoboken, if only you were in New York.