Hyper-important must-see event of the month, first:


Tomorrow (Jan 19), The Hold Steady play Mercury lounge. Ticket available through TicketWeb. This is no joke, everyone. Ten dollars. Such a great band. So much fun. I just wrote those short little sentences and sentence fragments without the expletives that were thrusting through my fingertips. Calmly: See this show. Send thank you notes here. What do they sound like? You know that fun, awesomely written, rock and roll that some bands pull off really well, with a lot of energy? They sound like that, but better.

Not in the mood for that (wuss)? There's also The Five O'Clock Heroes playing their last NYC show for three months, before they run off to the UK to tour with Bravery/Brendon Benson/The Paddingtons. How did Bravery manage to slime their way onto a bill with Brendon Benson? I have no idea. If you're into The Five O'Clock heroes over my pick of the week, the show's at SHINDIG (6th C/D) at 8pm. The Sexy Magazines, The Go Station and The Stalkers are supporting. Oh, it's $10, but that gets you open bar all night.

This week is a little heavy on repeats, so you can re-see someone from last week, probably, if you want. Another of note, though, is Craig Wedren on Thursday, of Shudder To Think fame. He'll be at Piano's.

Friday is ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, strumming mind-altering substances at Rothko. Check this link out if you want to order their pre-release and thus attend the show for FREE. Don't you love us?


SATURDAY: big show number two: Colin Meloy (of The Decemberists), at The Fez. It's sold out. We recommend craigslist.

I'm not going to muddle a week with two rare, amazing shows by throwing in a bunch of repeats and so-so shows. It's quality, folks. Not quantity.

See you tomorrow for ROCK.