So, by now you've asked, "where's all the rock and roll?" I've got an answer for you, friends. SXSW. South by Southwest. They stole it all.

This week, though, here are some options:

Tuesday, Sean Lennon is playing Tonic, and, in case you didn't know, Tonic needs saving. Seeing Sean play will help save Tonic. Even if you don't like him, you can buy a ticket for $12. If you do like him, bravo, you can see him AND save Tonic at the same time. What a deal!

Wednesday, you can see The Go Team, the UK's happiest songsters, at Canal Room for only $10.

Thursday, Queens of the Stone Age play Irving Plaza (presented by Bowery) for a painful $30, and it's already sold out, but there's always Craig's List.

Friday, The Kaiser Chiefs, another UK indie rock pop type band play, you guessed it, Bowery. $15, also sold out.


Saturday, Crooked Fingers play Bowery for $16, and this is a show to see. Remember Archer of Loaf? Front (and very, very tall) man, Eric Bachman started these guys after Archers disbanded. See them! Not sold out yet! Stay out late, drink, relax. You don't have to get up early.

Sunday, get brunch and wait around until Vincent wows us all on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Man, I just love it when he cocks over and figures stuff out. I do.


Monday, one show to catch: at Irving Plaza, The Walkmen and Ben Kweller play. It's sold out. Find a way in. The show is being presented by Dentyne for some reason. You'll see a great show and probably score some free gum on your way out. What could be better? FIVE DOLLARS. Find a way in.

The next couple weeks are looking increasingly better. Save your cash.