2005_02_thegatesfelled.jpgFinally, the first big, non-graffiti The Gates accident that isn't some art lover accidentally walking into one: A cab crashed into one of the frames yesterday morning after hitting a patch of ice at 8:30AM. The Post reported that one of the frames at Central Park South and Sixth Avenue was mangled; however, these kinds of incidents were anticipated and the frame was replaced by 9AM. The cabby said, "I don't want to be famous for destroying art. I'm glad my customer was OK, that's the bottom line. I'm just glad we're all OK. I'm just sorry for the 'Gate.'" Seriously. Those Christo fans are out for blood!

The NY Times section on The Gates has new articles about whether Colorado will get its Christo project and the adorable Somerville Gates that are mouse sized. Oh, to be on The Gates beat. [Related: Gothamist on The Gates]

Photo from the NY Post