Coney Island is no longer the desolate, trash-strewn gravescape depicted in the final scenes of the iconic film The Warriors—if you want to rumble nowadays, you're more likely to make a Facebook event than sit in your car and clank a trio of beer bottles together.

But forget all that—next weekend, head to a now family-ready Coney for the Last Subway Ride Reunion, an all-day event featuring panels and autographs with your favorite Warriors cast members, a viewing of the movie, a cosplay contest (!) and a performance from the Queens hardcore band Sick Of It All, among other things.

Michael Beck, who played Swan in the film, recalled the Coney Island of old in an interview with Sheepshead Bites.

“[Coney Island] was pretty rundown. But it was cool. I loved the Wonder Wheel. We were filming in an iconic location and I wanted to take in the whole place. This was our turf," he said. “I’ll never forget filming the last scene. Walter [Hill, director of the film] told us to keep walking and that he’d let is know when to stop. And that’s what we did. Just walked on the beach. We just kept walking.”

The event will be held on Sunday, September 13 from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. at the Surf Pavilion at 3029 Stillwell Avenue between Bowery Street and the boardwalk. Tickets are available here, and are $25 for general admission.

Still not quite digging it? Watch this incredible promo video.

Warriors Coney Event Promo-YT from The Warriors Reunion on Vimeo.