All those hours of clicking through Giraffe Manor vacations and Paul Ryan's pumping iron photo spreads may have led you to forget about the existence of print magazines—in which case, you may have missed the big Arrested Development cover story on this week's Entertainment Weekly. There are some particularly good tidbits in the article from creator Mitch Hurwitz: "They've destroyed the environment, the environment has destroyed them...There are a lot of ostriches. I would describe this season of Arrested as being bird-heavy." That sounds awful fishy chickeny to us.

"We're trying not to do greatest hits. I'm trying to resist just giving the fans what they know. That will be fun in the short term, but I don't think it'll be nourishing," Hurwitz added. As for where the Bluths are when we pick up, "Things have gone very badly for them in every way—sexually, biochemically." Will Arnett expanded upon that: "Left to their own devices, these people always become the very worst versions of themselves. And they were left to their own devices once again, and they didn't disappoint. So you're going to find them in the most magnified states of disrepair. They made increasingly bad choices, and it's a snowball effect."

To roundup all the rest of your recent Arrested Development news and tidbits:

  • Entertainment Weekly had the cast explain the meaning behind the Victorian photo above: “His character is an actor and takes himself way too seriously, but he’s just kind of an idiot," said David Cross. "The cape is overly dramatic and the sash is kind of just ridiculous, as is the hat."
  • Arnett spoke about the reunion on Jimmy Kimmel show: "You know who’s great to see and work with? Nobody."
  • Chris Diamantopoulos, who played one of The Three Stooges in that remake no one saw, will guest star
  • Adam DeVine of Workaholics discussed the secrecy of the new season
  • And a photo spoiler is making its way around the internet (click if you dare!)