Law_%26_Order_Martin_Promo.jpgIn the Law and Order universe there are two separate yet equally important constants: the format of the show and the revolving door of the actors who star in it. So it is not a surprise that Jessie L. Martin who plays Detective Green is leaving the show in the latest cast change. Series guru Dick Wolf says the parting is amicable, with Martin being burned out after playing the same character for nine years.

Since it is Law & Order there is of course a twist or two, with the promos that claim tonight's episode (10:00 p.m., WNBC 4) will be an “event” and revealing that he’ll be a defendant in his final episode, which oddly enough is not the season finale. Hopefully the resolution will be better than being Logan being shipped off to Staten Island or Cerreta getting shot and sent off to a desk job in Elmhurst.

His spot as lead detective for the will be taken by Anthony Anderson, late of the failed Fox cop show K-Ville, playing a former internal affairs detective. Anderson’s character Kevin Bernard will be introduced tonight as one of the detectives investigating Green. He’ll step into the lead role for the rest of the season starting next week--he was recently in a Brooklyn homeowner's house, filming a L&O scene with Jeremy Sisto and an actor frying up some bacon.