The Daily News excitedly reports that hypoallergenic cat was purchased by a family in the Village for $7,000. Yes, cat allergy sufferers, you may be able to have an adorable fluffy kitty if you are willing to shell out the dough. Allerca Lifestyle Pets sells cats for $3,950, but there's another $3,000 for insurance and shipping. And this is what the kitty includes:

- An ALLERCA GD kitten at 12 weeks of age
- Complete and updated vaccinations through delivery
- Mandatory spaying or neutering
- Microchip Identifier implant
- One year of veterinary health insurance with Pets Best
- 1 x Home Environmental Allergy Test (to check for existing cat allergen in your home)
- 2 x MyAllergy test (a complete FDA approved home allergy test)
- ALLERCA airline certified cat transporter
- Veterinary Health Certificate (required for travel)
- One set of SoftPaws nail caps already applied (these are vinyl nail caps applied to your kitten's claws that effectively cover the claws so no damage occurs when your kitten scratches)
- ALLERCA Starter Pack (includes premium kitten food, additional SoftPaws, cat toys and other kitten sundries)
- One year guarantee (see purchase agreement for terms and conditions)

Gothamist is skeptical of hypoallergenic pets, because until you wake up with the pet sleeping on top of your head, you never really know. One way to have pets and keep allergies down is vacuuming. A lot. But pets can reduce your stress levels, so it's worth it.

Would you pay $7,000 for a hypoallergenic cat? And there are tons of cats available for adoption - and they are free.