2006_05_parisse.jpg[Belated spoiler alert because we cannot believe that people weren't glued to their TV sets last night to see this crazy finale - many apologies] Attractive young actresses who look great in a suit, beware: If you're cast as the new assistant district attorney to work with Jack McCoy, your character might come to some sort of strange end. Last year - yes, just January 2005 - Elisabeth Rohm(bot) left the show and uttered those classic words, "Is it because I'm a lesbian?" and Annie Parisse filled her shoes as ADA Alexandra Borgia. But that's nothing compared to dying from aspirating through your duct taped mouth in a car trunk with blood all over your face, to be found by your boss and other police officers. A poster on the Television Without Pity forum (though not the "Earthy European Sexuality: ADA Alexandra 'Bertha' Borgia" forum) asked if she was forced to leave the show because she was heterosexual. Good question - insurance policies at the DA's office must be crazy. We can't wait to find out who is cast next, so we can write fanfic about how they'll be written off!

What did you think of the Law & Order season finale? That shooting (did they use a bazooka - that shotgun was huge) on Bleecker Street was pretty intense. And in the history of past ADAs, Abby (Angie Harmon) Carmichael left to work at the Justice Department, Jamie (Carey Lowell) Ross wanted to spend more time with her daughter, Claire (Jill Hennessy) Kincaid died from a car accident, and Paul (Richard Brooks) Robinette left to go into private practice. Plus, ADA Alex Cabot was fake-killed off from Law & Order: SVU, only to resurface this past season and work in the failed Dick Wolf show, Conviction.