The perennially low-rated Tony Awards are this weekend (what, you haven't been counting the hours?) with Neil Patrick Harris once again hosting and The Book of Mormon the favorite to win big. So clearly the question on everybody's mind is...who does Jets Quarterback and noted theater-lover Mark Sanchez think should take home the gold?

When we saw the headline on the Times "Tony Picks From Mark Sanchez, the Jets Quarterback" we thought we'd actually get Sanchez's picks. But sadly between his not-sex-scandal, losing the AFC championship, and hi ability to will In-N-Outs out of thin air, Sanchez hasn't had much time to see shows this year. He's still hoping to catch The Book of Mormon, but he has seen Catch Me If You Can (which he liked more than we did, quipping "I was surprised it didn’t get better reviews. But Wicked didn’t get the best reviews, and it won Tonys.") and the The Motherfucker With The Hat ("It was good. It was twisted. It seemed so dark, for people to think like that. The Puerto Rican girl was hilarious.").

After discussing those two shows though, the Times quickly turns to the always entertaining topic of Sanchez's love of the theater. "Actors just have an incredible amount of talent," he says. "It blows my mind. It’s one thing to complete a pass, but if I was trying to sing at the same time, I couldn’t do it."

The quarterback, who goes to shows with an old professor when his mom is not available, also uses this interview to crush any hopes we might have had that after his football days are done he might try hoofing it on the Great White Way. "I don’t know if I could hold it together," he says. "I’m a much better shower singer."

But maybe that isn't actually putting the idea to rest. Lots of really bad shower singers have done their time in stuntcasting happy shows like Chicago. We bet Sanchez could do a solid "Mr. Cellophane!"

Meanwhile, if you must, the Tonys will be on CBS on Sunday night at 8 p.m..