While we've normally got pretty negative feelings towards the New York State Lotto, and lotteries in general, we're kinda fascinated by these two classic NY Lotto commercials from 1978 and 1980. Who knew that before the Lotto was represented by that ubiquitous short guy ("The New York State Lotto jackpot is now...") it had regular old commercials, it even had a great jingle!

Which brings us to our question: Where have all the commercial jingles gone? The last even sort of jinggle we remember really loving were the ones where those Quiszno's hamster/rats from rathergood.com sang about how much they love'd the subs. And that was over two years ago... So all you Ad execs out there, please, bring back the jingles! Think of the children.

Classic NY Lotto TV commercials from YouTube.