When Gothamist relaunched last month under the ownership of WNYC, we discovered that the streets around our new office, just north of the Holland Tunnel, were rife with HONKING. We're all accustomed to noise in New York City, but the brazen nonchalance with which these drivers brainlessly pollute the consciousnesses of passersby is truly something to behold.

Naturally, we thought it would be interesting to go out there with a video camera and ask some of these people why they're futilely honking, but we were also concerned about getting punched in the face. So instead we recruited filmmaker Jeff Seal to put his mug on the line and confront these enraged souls trapped in their tiny metal boxes.

Miraculously, not one of these honkers turned to violence. In fact, once you calmly and rationally shove a camera in their faces, most honking drivers turned out to be fairly docile. Sure, one or two threatened to kill Jeff by running him over, but that was probably just hyperbole.

On the whole, the deafening sound that accosts pedestrians all over New York is being created by someone who just doesn't understand that noise pollution is even a thing. Multiple drivers, when asked why they were honking, freely acknowledged it served no purpose at all. But they showed no interest in stopping. They just want to vent; if that bothers you, too bad.

Seal ended up with so much honking footage that he edited together this BONUS cut of outtakes. Enjoy!