Coffee and doughnut purveyor Dunkin' Donuts has a new marketing campaign playing out on the city sidewalks. The company has hired a dozen street musicians at $20/hour to help pitch their "Breakfast NOT Brokefast" campaign... but is their message really undermining authentic buskers around town? The NY Post says their message can be broken down as such: "For the spare change you toss a street musician, you could be buying their breakfast fare." The hired hands even have signs propped up against their guitar cases reading: "Sure you want to throw that change in here?" DD's CEO told the paper they're "trying to reinforce the value proposition that money you would normally throw away to a musician you could use to get a cup of coffee or a doughnut." Yes, instead of throwing our spare change to talented musicians toiling for hours underground, let's all put it towards a nice 400 calorie cream-filled, glazed and sprinkled breakfast treat.