If the juicy excerpts and stories about James B. Stewart's Disney expose book, Disney War, weren't enough, today's NY Times article about seals the deal. This book must be made into a movie:

The book is full of examples in which [Disney chairman and CEO Michael] Eisner turned against those he was close to before deeming them disloyal or too ambitious...

In one such case, when Mr. Eisner was head of Paramount Pictures in the early 1980's, he got into an argument with his friend, the producer Larry Gordon, over whether Mr. Gordon could take the project "Streets of Fire" to Universal Pictures, which had agreed to finance it. When Mr. Eisner learned the project went to Universal, he refused to speak to Mr. Gordon, going so far as to jump off a dock with his shoes on when he saw Mr. Gordon approaching the lake at a summer camp their two sons were attending.

Anyway, this movie is just dying to be made, at least on the USA Network, though HBO would do a classier job with it. Treat Williams could play Mike Ovitz again...as for men to play Eisner and Bob Iger, all middle-aged white men sorta look the same to us, so maybe it's time to go to Fametracker's Hey, It's That Guy!.

And the farthest we've gone to avoid someone is to not get on an N train - and you know how long those take to come! (Of course, this doesn't count various ways we've tried to exact revenge when wronged.) Oh, and we've avoided entire downtown neighborhoods, but that's it. What about you?