Lord knows there are plenty of cereal-scarfing, Nickelodeon-obsessed 20-somethings in Brooklyn who could use a little hands-on parenting. And lord knows there are plenty of shrill, Machiavellian moms who would love to explain to them how everything they do is wrong and needs to be changed. But what they really want is someone they're not related to who won't abandon them on the side of the road because of some guilt trip. What Millennials really need is a mom who just wants to bake them cookies and listen to them bitch about their love lives.

Nina Keneally, who lived in Connecticut for 30+ years and relocated two years ago to Bushwick, has started "Need A Mom," a service that offers young people a short-term, temporary mom to give all the good mom advice and cooked meals they need. She describes herself on her website as "like the Magic 8-Ball but you don't have to shake her and turn her upside." Here, watch a somewhat terrifying ad for her company and feel the mom warmth:

NeedAMom1 from nina on Vimeo.

"I’m not judgmental about anybody’s life choices; I don’t compare them to their brothers and sisters,” Keneally told Bushwick Daily in a sponsored post about the site. She said she and her husband were inspired to move to Bushwick after visiting her son there several years ago. She explained how the business started:

“As I started to live in the neighborhood, do yoga and frequent coffee shops, I’ve noticed that a lot of young people in the neighborhood wanted to talk to me about what was going on in their lives,” Nina said. One of her new friends had just recently lost his job and was really bummed about it. Nina suggested they sit down for a cappuccino and talk it through. She ended up polishing his resume and realizing that she can help people figure out what was going on in their lives and do the things a mom would do for them. Not only she is a mom to two sons, Nina has an associate degree in counseling and has worked for many years as a drug and rehabilitation counselor. “I have a therapeutic background, although I’m not a therapist,” she told us. “I can talk you through it but if you have a serious problem, I have a list of resources and can send you to a doctor or a specialist.”

She notes that while she will watch a movie with you, make you chicken soup if you're sick, or sew a button on your jacket, she won't do your laundry or organize your closet. As for her rates, they're not set yet: "I don't want to say 'no' to anybody but I don’t want to do it totally for free either," she said, adding that a pot of homemade soup and words of encouragement will run you about $40. Aw, a whole pot of soup for forty bucks? Nina is totally a mom we'd like to fund.