Bushwick venue/arts collective Silent Barn is now offering annual memberships, which will cost $300 (or $25 a month). The benefits, according to their website, are:

  • A glowing heptagon pin, which is your free pass to all of our amazing nightly events.
  • Exclusive invitation to the "Omni Meeting" where you can meet the entire Silent Barn family and give feedback.
  • Playlists from Silent Barn performers.

Is it worth it? Probably only if you really want to meet the Silent Barn family and wear a cool pin—according to the Brooklyn Paper, "door prices for recent shows have ranged from $5 to $10 and the venue says it hosted 486 in 2014. If the membership scheme were in place this past year, and someone could have found the time to attend all the concerts, that would have come out to 62 cents per show." Maybe they should offer a select amount of +1s per year?

The venue's fund-raising coordinator, Hillary Reeves, will only be offering 90 memberships at first, and plans to communicate with the members to find out if they're happy with what they're getting at that price. It's definitely a cool idea for anyone who goes to a lot of shows and wants to lend monetary support to the DIY venue. We'd love to see other more traditional venues adopt a membership plan, too—particularly Bowery Presents, whose got their hand in just about every show in the city.