British Airway's High Life publication is pointing their passengers towards... Bushwick. Their big sell includes mentions of "local heroes the Vivian Girls" (who are clearly writing for this in-flight publication on the side), the Todd P venue Market Hotel, Goodbye Blue Monday, Ad Hoc and, you know, bars and stuff. (They missed the new mini golf course!) They note that all the previously dubbed "cool spots" in the city have already lost their "hip currency" after being found out, so this time they hope to be ahead of the curve. Will the Brits be sold? Once that plane lands and they're so over the Manhattan scene, the article notes that "Bushwick is just nine stops on the L train from Union Square, but it’s a 20-minute time warp to a golden age of New York cool... capture some of the adventurous spirit of the Manhattan galleries of the 1980s." [via BushwickBK]