A game.

Bushwick's Silent Barn is getting in the festival game with a festival of games, taking place this weekend in the Catskills. But for your $75 you'll also get: installations, "performances in strange and beautiful places," candle-lit huts, hidden tents, lakes, floating docks, nature, pure and majestic beauty, Lyme disease, the reaffirmation that life is beautiful, and also The Internet. So you can hashtag Instagram all your dope nature pics. (Update: we are told there will be no internet. Not even DIY internet.)

They're calling the weekend Heptagames—which sounds like a really fun STD app—and the focus will be on the games. (Your dog, outside food and drink, and car are not welcome, btw.) These games include a zipline, smashball, and a "manhunt in the forest." If you survive this manhunt, presumably you can expect to enjoy a bonfire, live music, and "artisinal" [sic] food. If you do not survive this manhunt, your belongings will go to future generations working towards Bushwicking the Catskills, and you'll enjoy eternal peace in a DIY resting place.

So pack your meggins and bring some singles for the $1 beers. And may the odds be ever in your favor. [via Bushwick Daily]