Bushwick—home to the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant, drugged up honeybees, and a modern-day Jamestown—has been dubbed the 7th coolest, most stylish neighborhood in the world, according to some little magazine called Vogue. Sorry, Williamsburg, you have a Starbucks and Bushwick has bedazzled dog doody, so it's not hard to tell who's the hip one now.

Anna Wintour & Friends afforded Bushwick the Condé Nast treatment in their September issue, ranking the 15 "coolest street style neighborhoods" worldwide. Bushwick's "cutting-edge galleries" and "Jay Z-approved restaurants" were sandwiched between Canal Saint-Martin in Paris ("particularly saturated with all things skinny-jeaned and Gauloises-packing") and Brera in Milan. Roberta's gets a shout-out in Bushwick's blurb, obviously, as does major gallery Luhring Augustine and "Appalachian"-themed eatery Montana’s Trailhouse.

Flashback to a year ago, when Vogue deigned to cross the East River and called Bushwick a "disfavored neighborhood," presumably because Our Lord Roberta's was so hard to find. But times have changed—Zosia Mamet lives in Bushwick now, after all—and the neighborhood's all ready to be flooded with Vogue devotees on the hunt for all things hip in Jefftown. Never mind that Bushwick is still struggling with pervasive poverty and crime, not to mention the overall problems plaguing the longstanding community thanks to rampant gentrification. Bushwick is filled with street art! And hip bars! And people who tuck their t-shirts into their pants! BRING IN THE TOUR BUSES.

Ah, well. In other fashion-related news, over the weekend, Miley Cyrus showed up at a Bushwick warehouse party wearing ice cream cone pasties over her nipples.