Gothamist likes the idea of the Kramer Reality Bus Tour...but the Sex and the City bus tour? Just like Sex and the City on TBS, we're not sold. Here's what it promises for your $33:

• See the Jimmy Choo boutique, where Carrie buys her shoes
• Sit on Carrie's apartment stoop
• Shop at the store where Charlotte bought her "Rabbit"
• Have a cupcake at the bakery where Miranda stuffed cupcakes into her mouth
• Stop at a bar used on Sex and the City
• Visit the church where Samantha meets "The Friar"
• Go on location to the gallery in SoHo where Charlotte worked
• See the furniture store where Aidan designs his tables and chairs

2004_07_artssatc.jpgHmmm...we have an idea. Grab your girlfriends, buy a cosmo at a bar with a VIP list, then pick which character you want to be. If you're a Samantha: Go home with a guy. If you're a Charlotte: Talk about true love and gush over the suit and tie at the end of the bar. If you're a Miranda: Leave early. If you're a Carrie: Leave alone but happen to run into an old flame at 3am, talk to him in the street as dramatically as possible while simultaneously trying to keep a flowing narrative going in your head.

The next day buy $600 shoes and meet the girls for brunch to discuss the previous nights events.

Need more? Go to the Upper East Side and sit on a stoop in a wild Patricia Field get up, puff on a Marlboro Light and reflect on single girls city wide.

Still not enough? Fine, go here and get yourself booked on the official bus tour! Just remember, Carrie would never take a bus tour...she would only allow her image to be displayed on the side of it.

Upon writing this post Gothamist had a thought: did Carrie & company ever take the subway? We don't recall any subway scenes in Sex and the City...