You want to experience what it's like to live like Manhattan's elite? Well a bus probably isn't the way to do it, but, like Sex and the City before it, Gossip Girl is now offering tours. The 3.5 hour long journey boasts more than 40 locations that have been used in filming the show, including the hotel home to the Van der Woodson family, the Constance Billard School for Girls/St. Jude School for Boys, some UES mansions, Blair's home sweet home, and some shops that you can't afford. More details here! Though if you want to know what it's like to live on the wrong side of the East River (a la the Humphrey family) looks like you're out of luck—that $40 fee only includes one borough. Curbed noted that: "At least most Upper East Siders will have already decamped to the Hamptons by the time the tours roll by." Wonder what spot will act as Carrie's stoop and get axed from the tour first.