2005_05_longestburt.jpgThere's something about macho men acting nuts when being interviewed about football. Joe Namath was extremely bizarre a few years ago when ESPN's Suzy Kolber spoke to him during a Jets game, with Namath saying he wanting to kiss her. And last night, Burt Reynolds slapped a CBS assistant producer during the Chelsea premiere of The Longest Yard. Watch the video here, and you'll see Reynolds get steamed at the hapless producer who admitted he didn't see the 1974 original. Damn Paramount for not screening the original! And the producer was dumb enough to tell the truth - when you're on the red carpet talking to celebs, you've gotta vamp and make up stuff or else they'll take their fame out on you! While his spokesman says Reynolds "playfully tapped (the producer) on the cheek, as if to say, 'Well, that's not very nice,'" and was "kidding," but if that's a playful tap, then Gothamist will never make fun of his hair to his face or mention how boring Evening Shade was ever.

There's no official statement on Reynolds' official website.