2006_06_burroughs.jpgThe New York Public Library announced that it bought the archive of writer William S. Burroughs, including his letters and drafts of Naked Lunch. This makes the NYPL's collection of Bea-era materials the most comprehensive, since it already holds the Jack Kerouac archive. The NY Times story about the acquisition had the interesting sidenote about how Allen Ginsberg wanted the NYPL to buy his collection, but since he wanted to sell it quickly, the NYPL wasn't able to get the money together in time - the Ginsberg collection is at Stanford - but now the NYPL can say "This will be the place in the world to come to study the Beats." At any rate, we hope an exhibition of the work will be mounted soon - we'd love to see his letters to Kerouac, Timothy Leary, Ginsberg, and Terry Southern, among others.

And in another big art-acquisition for a city institution, Juilliard received a gift of classical musical manuscripts from its chairman (and super-rich hedge fund manager), Bruce Kovner, including the "final working manuscript of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony prepared for the printer, with extensive revisions, corrections, and alterations by the composer." Juilliard is hoping to put the manuscripts online at some point.