OJ Chase

The DakotaThe Boym brothers Buildings of Disaster collection is for sale at Moss. Made of bonded nickel, these miniatures of these seminal locations of tragedy are spooky, haunting, strange, and almost quaint. About the buildings:
The images of burning or exploded buildings make a different, populist history of architecture, one based on emotional involvement rather than scholarly appreciation. In a media-saturated time, world disasters stand as people’s measure of history, and the sites of tragic events often become involuntary tourists destinations.

They include the Murrah building, the WTC, the Dakota, the highway of OJ Simpson's chase, Alma Tunnel, and Chernobyl.

Gothamist first mentioned these buildings when we went to the Boyms' exhibit/show at the Vitra store in the Meatpacking District.
Via Metafilter