Asian Longhorn Beetle

If there isn't snow on the ground, then it's time to see the various bugs of the city. The Times has an article about the return of the cicada, which takes a 17 year old nap in larva and then crawls out from the ground to find a mate to have sex with, and the excitement it causes in people. Cicadas are harmless, although it seems that you might see mist of "cicada urine" or your cat or dog might get a tummy ache if they eat too many. New Yorkers aren't as excited about cicadas as D.C. residents are (here are some Washington Post articles about cicadas, including one where a chef says cicadas are like soft-shell crab) but what we are thinking about are Asian Longhorned Beetles (pictured). The city has set up a comprehensive website (check out the moving bugs!)about how you can prevent further infestations (which have been found in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan's East Side so far). And why is the Asian Longhorned Beetle Asian? It comes from China, via "untreated packing crates and wooden palettes."

Giancarlo Esposito played Buggin Out in Spike Lee's summer fever dream of a movie, Do the Right Thing.