Even USA Today gets into the "We'll Miss You Buffy" fever. A lament about the forthcoming loss of Buffy leads the all-Buffy coverage. The apocalypses that traditionally end each season are rated, and Joss Whedon discusses the series finale. Whedon also lists his top ten Buffy episodes. Hush, with the creepy Gentlemen and one of Gothamist's favorite Buffy episodes, is one of them.

The finale will be in keeping with the universe the show has built these past seasons. "There will be 'no autistic snowball' like the infamous St. Elsewhere finale; no Patrick Duffy dreams as in Dallas. 'This happened,' Whedon says." "Autustic snowball?" Gothamist knows about that.

Tonight's episode of Buffy: "Smarmy man-o'-the-cloth Caleb launches an attack against Buffy while Faith takes the potential slayers out to blow off some steam." More at Zap2It.

[Editor's note: I'm reading USA Today because I'm in a hotel, still in my pajamas, recovering from a night of shite.]