Some of us are destined to toil in offices on a sublime late-summer morning, while others are called to take the day off and paddle around the island of Manhattan on oversized surfboards. Today over 150 people will participate in SEAPaddle NYC, an annual fundraiser to fight autism. Participants start on the Hudson River at Pier 40, paddle up past the George Washington Bridge, around Spuyten Duyvill creek, then all the way down the East River to the South Street Seaport. (It sounds fun, but we hope these guys are all caught up on their hepatitis vaccines.)

The whole route is 28 miles and takes about five and a half hours. If you want to cheer them on, they're starting at 9:30, so click on the map to guesstimate when they'll be paddling by you. The event will be followed by a beach party at Water Taxi Beach at the South Street Seaport ($40), which is also your chance to meet Abercrombie & Fitch model Lane Carlson, who's participating in the event. He tells the Wall Street Journal his mother temporarily took in an autistic relative when he was a teenager, and says "it was the supportive and simulative environment that got her to start making eye contact, interact with people and eventually graduate high school."

SEAPaddle NYC hopes to raise $250,000 to benefit eight different autism organizations.