2007_04_arts_bubble.jpgAs of last night, Pier 54 became a temporary home for the band Cartel. Haven't heard of them? That's probably why they opted for this reality show/publicity stunt thing.

Through June 12th they'll be recording their second album inside a partially transparent bubble. The stunt is brought to you by MTV, Dr Pepper and Epic Records - surprisingly David Blaine had nothing at all to do with it. You can check in live with the boys every second of every day at www.drpepperbubble.com, or just head over to Hudson River Park's Pier 54 and see where the...magic happens?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, "The bubble is a 2,000-square-foot recording studio designed by international firm TPG Architecture. It will consist of 55,000 pounds of steel truss and quarter-inch-thick fireproof rigid Fiberglas. Inside the bubble, Cartel will have access to a custom kitchen and dining room, a casual lounge area and a spa-like bathroom as well as a 'Sleeping Bubble,' or mezzanine level, elevated nine feet off the ground and hung in place with airplane hanger cables."

2007_05_arts_bubble.jpgWe can all agree that this is a bad idea, and whatever you're thinking right now, Bob Lefsetz already had the same thoughts ("Did you read that inane story about Epic’s band Cartel recording its new album in a huge transparent bubble on the Hudson, with the act entering said 'biosphere' live on MTV? Ever heard of Cartel? Not me. But I’m sure they can’t be making music I’m interested in. Music comes from inspiration, not marketing plans."). And don't think Cartel didn't hear him, they responded with their own (very long) letter ("Of course this is a marketing ploy and a huge one at that...This bubble shit is stirring up all kinds of dust around the music world.").

Whatever, we just want to know what that bubble would rent for.