For nearly three years, the Star-Ledger has been fighting the New Jersey Sports Authority to release contracts and terms negotiated by the company with performers at the Izod Center and what used to be Giants stadium. Those documents have been released, and we now know that the authority charged around $80,000 to rent out the Izod Center, that the company never lost money on a contract there, and that the venues bring a lot of money into New Jersey. What we still aren't allowed to see? Bruce Springsteen's food and beverage requirements. This was all foreshadowed in "Darkness Along the Edges of 12 Pages Of Legally Binding Documents."

The rider, which was attached to a contract for a 2009 concert, was ordered redacted by the judge in the case—all 12 pages of it. What do you have to hide, Bruce? A ten foot-wide cheesecake with "BOSS" written on it in Brown M&Ms? Six quarts of goat's blood? The old "Rod Stewart Special?"

We do have some clues as to what Springsteen keeps backstage thanks to a 2003 rider obtained by The Smoking Gun: The Boss likes his pasta cooked al dente.