The Bruce Davidson exhibit, Subway, opens today at the Hermes Gallery, and last night, Gothamist got to check out Davidson's photographs which are beautiful prints of subways and subways riders during the early 1980s last night. The gallery, on the fourth floor of the Hermes Boutique on Madison and East 62nd, is an unexpected treat - who would give up a floor of potential retail space to show art?

And DJ Fab Five Freddy was there to spin via his iPod. He told Gothamist he was down with blogs. Awesome. When we asked what his next projects were, Freddy said, "Oh, some films...some bank robberies..." We'd like in on the bank robberies, only if we get to wear Spongebob Squarepants socks.

Bruce Davidson will be at the Hermes Gallery this afternoon, signing copies of a book of his subway photographs, between 4PM and 6PM.

More photographs of the opening party at Bluejake. 601AM's Aaron was there too.