Hulu's adaptation of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale has been getting raves (and got a confirmed second season) for its depiction of a dystopian society where women's rights are suppressed by a totalitarian government. Last night, Saturday Night Live delved into a lesser-explored part of the series: How the bros reacted when everything changed.

In the pre-filmed segment, which hewed closely to the show's cinematography, four Handmaids (Cecily Strong, Sasheer Zamata, Aidy Bryant and Vanessa Bayer) are debating whether to join the newly formed resistance ("It's too dangerous!") run into some guys they used to know. Mikey Day's oblivious bro says, "Girl squad! What the freak is up?" and Chris Pine's character follows up, "You missed my Cinco de Mayo half birthday! What'd you do, flake or what?"

"Do you not know? It's the Republic. Everything is different now," answers Strong's Handmaid.

Pine's bro is puzzled, "Different how?"

"We are Handmaids," Bayer's partially blinded Handmaid explains and the others detail how the government took their money, jobs and kids.

After a long pause, the bros acknowledge some of it. Pine's bro says, "I think I actually read something about that. But, I've super busy with work lately."

Later, another bro (Alex Moffat) joins them but is shocked at how the girl squad has changed. When he's filled in on how women have no more rights, he says, "I heard a little something about that. I didn't know if it was like for sure happening. Is there a protest or something?"

"Yes! Several years ago," Zamata's Handmaid replies.

Moffat's bro sighs, "I meant to go to that."

Finally, a bro soldier (Kyle Moony) arrives, "Girl squad! This is going to sound awkward, but I have to take you to the government to torture you, but after that we’re going to play tipsy putt-putt. You all should come through!"