If we learned anything from The Dark Knight trilogy, it's this: you either die of hypothermia a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the kind of person who wears shorts in below freezing weather. It's been so cold out lately, we've broken temperature records; we've seen all of our rivers become ice barges; it's gotten so bad, we've even had to acknowledge that Boston exists just to feel a little better about ourselves. And still, some people insist on shoving their superior body temperatures into our faces—because some Bros just want to watch the world burn (or, in this case, shiver).

The Bro above was spotted by Jenn Sweeney on the Uptown C train at 34th Street around 9:30 a.m. on Friday, about an hour or so after temperatures hit 2 degrees in Central Park (not counting wind chill, mind you), making it the coldest February 20th on record in NYC history. "I don't understand," she noted. Considering that we were wearing thermal underwear underneath our regular long underwear underneath our over-underwear ("pants"), neither do we.

And this Bro is not alone. There are plenty of people who want to live everyday like it's the No Pants Subway Ride.

Welcome. #NYC #centralpark I think I'm the only person wearing shorts in the park today...

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This phenomenon is not limited to NYC of course. There are delusional Bros in every city.

Do they think they're Matthew McConaughey? Because they're not Matthew McConaughey. Just looking at them makes us mad—it makes us feel colder. At least you could be classy about it.

Update: Check out an important correction to this story here.