Recently a gorgeous Victorian home in Brooklyn has been transformed into a party house for the "underground art, music and slacker scene" on the weekends. Guess how that's been going? On the organizer's Facebook invite, they've warned attendees will "GET UR HEAD SMASHED IN IF U FUCKING DO SOME WACK GRAFFITI" on the walls, adding that they're "SICK OF FUCKING LOSERS DESTROYING A NICE PLACE. THIS AINT SOME CORPORATE SHIT HOLE SLASH MCKIBBEN LOFTS." But a write-up on Paper magazine's website included recent photos from last weekend showing the walls of the Bushwick home all tagged up... and not with, like, Banksy shit that will raise the resale value [UPDATE: in a new interview, organizer John Barclay calls them "talentless graffiti writers"]. Paper also explained how the home came to be a party venue in the first place:

"An enterprising group of individuals have miraculously persuaded the new owners of a grand old four-story, seven-bathroom, three-kitchen house in Bushwick to let them throw huge, wild parties on the property until the ultimate fate of the house is decided (i.e. torn down, or renovated and split into apartments). Throughout the fall, they’ve been promoting parties here."

They call the house the "Trip House," and Brownstoner notes it's an 1890 Queen Anne in Bushwick located at 74 Cornelia Street—adding, "We fear for the future of the building, whose otherwise pristine original bead board walls, fireplaces, wainscotting and other 1890s details have been marred by graffiti at the hands of party-goers." The house was designed by architect Geo Acker and "retains a high level of architectural integrity with much of its original characteristics intact"... for now?