0808turtle.jpgSo about that slow news summer...did you hear about the two-headed turtle residing in Brooklyn? The Daily News reports the turtle has been in the front window of the Sean Casey Animal Rescue since earlier this month; "Casey, 27, got the two-headed turtle from a man in Florida who rescued a bunch of eggs after an adult female was killed by a car a year ago." Casey nursed the turtle, who was deteriorating, back to health, and now plans to keep him as the store's mascot. Paul Sieswerda, curator of the New York Aquarium at Coney Island, said a two-headed turtle wasn't unheard of, and that "It's very similar to conjoined twins." Casey will soon get the turtle X-rayed to determine if the two heads are sharing one set of organs underneath the shell. UPDATE: the turtle has been stolen! Two-headed turtle: doing his part to speed up the slow news summer.