Andrew Dice Clay, he of selling-out-two-nights-at-Madison-Square-Garden, banned-from-MTV-for-life, inexplicably-starring-on-Entourage fame, just announced that he is returning to his hometown of Brooklyn for a one-night show at Coney Island this fall. Break out your shoulderpads!

Clay (born Andrew Clay Silverman) will be performing at Coney Island's MCU Park on Saturday, October 1st. “Believe it or not, this is the first time I’ve really ever played Brooklyn,” writes Clay, who grew up in Brownsville. The funny thing is everyone has always called me ‘Brooklyn’s favorite son.’ And I can’t begin to tell ya what I used to do the chicks on the rollercoaster in Coney Island.” Um, ew. Anyhow, pre-sale tickets are available here with the special code "DICE," and the Brooklyn Paper has an amusing story about a young Clay circa 1979, describes then as "a Jewish John Travolta."

Here's a look at the X-rated "nursery rhymes" that got Clay banned from MTV in 1989: