There are a lot of condos to choose from when you make your move to Brooklyn. There are tall ones, grey ones, ones with Juliet balconies, there are ones with refurbished wood, ones in warehouses that used to make coffee. Most of them have typical apartment stuff: a kitchen, a living space, a bathroom. Just like your apartment. But that is where the similarities end, because these condos also come with amenities. Miniature luxuries. Things you'll want but will never have. Pools.


The latest is BKLYN Air, a 40-story building in Downtown Brooklyn that features 255 rental apartments, a gym, a 50-foot-long outdoor heated swimming pool on the roof, and "built-in life size chess and checker game boards." Why? Money.

Their tagline: "Rent in the air, Play in the sky." Which is nicer than our studio's tagline: "Sleep where you cook, eat where you watch TV, everything is in one little room."

Prices will range from $2,315 to $4,570/month. [via DNA Info]