For two hours a week, there's a museum off the BQE that opens its doors and fights for the preservation of Admiral's Row in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The NY Times reports on Scott Witter's cause, which is displayed on a sign in his museum; it reads: “Don’t let Pirate Mike steal our heritage.”

Brooklyn’s Other Museum of Brooklyn (B.O.M.B.) is located at 109 Hall Street, and comes to life Tuesday nights (7 to 9 p.m.), featuring "a collection of somewhat random artifacts including porcelain smoking pipes dug from a nearby backyard and an almost-drivable 1920 Briggs & Stratton Flyer." Witter adds: “The museum is dedicated to landmarking and preserving Admiral’s Row and the sane development of Brooklyn. But the stuff in the museum is just the stuff in the museum.”

As the city moves forward in taking control of Admiral's Row from the National Guard, with plans to demolish 9 of the 11 buildings in order to make room for a parking lot and supermarket, Witter hopes to turn back time and save the houses; believing the government is in violation of the National Historic Preservation Act process. Until Admiral's Row is landmarked he vows to keep his museum up and running.