Earlier this year there was a false rumor that the beloved Kentile Floors sign would be ripped from the South Brooklyn skyline—luckily that never happened. But now the Poor Man's Kentile Sign—the Eagle Clothes sign—is being torn down. Just five days ago Gothamist's Tien Mao noted: "This sign doesn't get enough love when compared to the Kentile Floors sign." Indeed. And now it's too late.

According to DNA Info, the sign—which is at the corner of 3rd Avenue and 6th Street in Gowanus—is slowly being ripped from its roots this week. A rep at U-Haul, which owns the building that the sign sits atop, confirmed, noting that they are adding two floors to the building. If they kept the sign they would go over the city height limits.

U-Haul isn't totally soulless though, they promise to keep the sign's pieces and incorporate them into the building once the expansion is complete. They actually seem to genuinely love this sign—project manager David Pollock told the site, "I'll do everything in my power to make sure we maintain the past and incorporate parts of the sign into the building."

The story behind the sign has been well documented by everyone from LIFE magazine (when it was still up and running) to Vanishing NY—the clothing company opened in 1951, and manufactured men's suits (once championed and modeled by Rock Hudson). They filed for bankruptcy in 1989.

Years ago NY Mag incorrectly predicted: "The Eagle sign will also outlive the U-Haul storage facility that has occupied the bunkerlike building for the past twenty years." Their statement was based on ironworker Dominick Lanzi's take, who told them, "I looked at that sign every day through the window of my shop. It is made of 33 1/4-inch steel pipes. You'd need a crane to take it down. So it stays..."