For the last decade, a Boerum Hill couple has been putting their creative energies to great use terrifying children in the neighborhood with their elaborate Halloween displays. They've staged bloody pumpkin massacres, dismembered doll parts, a terrifying bus ride aboard the B666 line, and some ridiculously detailed gourd gore. This year's display combines the mundane with the horrifically surreal to create a nightmare dentist visit tableau sure to make children second guess whether or not to eat all their Halloween candy.

As always with these demonic displays, the inspired details are what makes it truly stand apart from your everyday Halloween spiderweb and ghost decorations. There are the bloody marshmallow teeth, the malevolent jack-o-lantern smile of the dentist, the accurate dentistry tools and false teeth, and best of all, the faces of the forever-traumatized jack o'lantern children.

If you want to check it out in person, just make an appointment (you do not need to make an appointment, that was a reference to visiting the dentist—also, let me take this opportunity to advocate for regular dentist appointments, it's good for your tooth health!) and walk on over to Bergen Street between Bond and Nevins. Don't forget: this is the only Halloween display in the city that was approved by "Master Of Horror" himself Wes Craven.