The Boerum Hill couple that creates bloody, B-movie quality Halloween displays every year has unveiled their latest terrifying tableau—click through for a look, if you dare.

Last year they created a scene filled with murdered babies, and told us, "If people are bothered and we need to change it, we will. We’re artists, every year we do it. The kids every year go ‘more blood, scarier!’"

This year (their sixth) is a little more tame—featuring a botched surgery, a hint of pumpkin cannibalism, and a panel of judges holding up score cards. There's also a news team, likely a nod to the attention their displays have received in the past, played by a couple of butternut squash.

The creepiest part, as always (except for when there are clowns), is the dolls. Pure evil lurking behind those wide eyes.

UPDATE: This display is now officially Wes Craven-approved.